Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Magic Suitcase

Examples of words differing from deeds are to be found everywhere. No shortages around us regular folks. Much more in the public arena.

This may have always been true, notwithstanding the fact that most people know and agree that this is less than honorable, that a person is more admired and more respected when their words are matched by their deeds.

All religions have expressed in so many words the need for this very important social principle. Many honorable people have tried to live by this, yet examples of the opposite still abound.

I am still optimistic however. It's inevitable that humanity collectively will reach its coming of age. Someday. I’m hoping soon.

In the meanwhile, I'll buy me a magic suitcase and I'll take it with me to all meetings big and small. In it, I will pack the ambience of large audience. The rallying, the ovation and the applause. Maybe I'll pack the audience too. May as well. .. Oh.. and I must not forget the big stage lights.

This posting was inspired by the inspiringly noble thoughts, the gentle words, the expressions of love, the pronounced manifestations of humbleness, the effulgence of the spirit of brotherhood and the extending of hands for cooperation, conciliation, embrace and comforting, .. every time a public figure .. politician.... religious leader, stood on the stage, in the warmth of the big lights, in the warmth of the comraderie with the audience, in the chilling warmth of the applause.

I’ll need the suitcase because when I see the same person the next day, he will have forgotten what he said on the stage, he will have forgotten who he was, how he was, and he may be less gentle, more mean and less brotherly in treating me, until I open the suitcase and he is in the warmth of the stage lights again.

In fact I’ll need another suitcase. This one to capture his gentleness of yesterday to remind him of it. ... Or will a video camera, a voice recorder, or a published page on the internet do?

“Say, O brethren! Let deeds, not words, be your adorning.”


Bilo said...

Very thoughtful and contemplative!

Faisal said...

Very kind of you to say so dear bilo.


João Moutinho said...

I just come to say "Helloooo".


Faisal said...

Obrigado muito muito João caro.

Boa vinda aqui.


نسرين said...

You present interesting and intelligent ideas. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your insightful comments.

Anonymous said...

Usually the speakers I know come from far away and leave soon after their speech. So I never know ;-)
Edo River rising.

Dreamer said...


While blog hopping starting with family update I landed at your blog.

Reading your post I was thinking I would like one of those suitcases.. then I decided Noooooo.. if I have one maybe I will get too comfortable and stop trying to change the world at least my world.

All what we can do it lead by example and let our actions and not our words show who we are.