Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Different Symptoms ..

Different Symptoms ..Same Problem ?

I read a story on the BBC news site about a 92 year old archaeologist (Muazzez Ilmiye Cig) who was prosecuted over a book in which said that headscarves were first worn more than 5,000 years ago by Sumerian priestesses who initiated young men into sex. Charges were brought against her by a lawyer who took offence at the 2005 book. Today, she was acquitted. Her publisher was acquitted too.

Also on the same site today there was a story about the entertainer Maddona speaking on adoption . For a couple of weeks now, every news outlet has written about her attempt to adopt an African child. Some people see it as a benevolent act, some see it as an act of an arrogant person cutting in line and not waiting her turn like everyone else even if it is a benevolent act. Yet others see it as a publicity stunt with no benevolence whatsoever.

Two different stories, but what do they tell us about where we are right now?

Do they tell us that ...

We are not busy enough trying to make today better than yesterday? Not even for ourselves?

How much effort was wasted trying to punish a little old lady for her archaeological findings, because someone was offended because of his a religious over sensitivity about an issue that even his coreligionists have not agreed on because it is not mentioned clearly in the Book?

How much effort went into investigating, into writing, into reading, into discussing, into gossiping, into praising, into criticizing Maddona for her latest?

How much time did I spend writing this !! But I too am a part of this world.


Bilo said...

I was informed that headcover was a necessity in the desert for protection from wind-blown sand (for both men and women). it had nothing to do with Islam!

Faisal said...

Or it could serve other purposes as well as protect from the sand and the wind. As a matter of fact, in some cultures (such as that of the Tuareg in North Africa) only men cover their faces.

Like I said. People need to worry more about other things, (such as making this world a better place).



João Moutinho said...

I am also part of the world.
But if we are on a desert we can turn it on great Oasis.
I hope the Egiptian authorities are more tolerant with the Bahá'is.