Saturday, September 23, 2006


In my very first post I wrote about why I started a blog without really being prepared (just so I could leave comments on blogs which only allow other bloggers to comment), and how I scrambled and struggled to find a name that both had some meaning to me, and was not already taken. It was only after I finally found such name and started my account with that I found out how un-unique this name too was. There are other blogs with the same name but not on blogspot, .. even web sites about some movie. Oh well !!

I know that I wrote that my postings would be "occasional" sharing of thoughts, but somehow now I almost feel a responsibility to write something more often even though I know well that this is an obscure blog and maybe no one (or very few people) would chance on it anyway, but still ...

I did write a few paragraphs which I think are worth sharing, but I wrote them as replies to comments by other bloggers (see the comment section for the previous post please). Now if I felt that maybe my reply to one individual, may still be good for others who may not bother to go to the comments section, would it be ok to put them in the main section of the blog itself?



Anonymous said...

I feel that I would recognize you if I saw you.
So I want to introduce Neda to you.
Neda, this is Faisal, Faisal, Neda.
Both you I have high respect for your blogs. Both of you deserve more attention. I have decided to tell people about your blogs, and I am wondering where I can post your addresses.
God bless, and God Speed! (I think this is a Britishism, but any way I like it ;-)

Faisal, I had more Iwanted to say about your blog, but I have to go study Japanese. Try to visit Neda's blog. I think her posts are special, just like yours will be...

Edo River rising.

Bilo said...


Regarding your question, of course you can add content from comments to your main post, provided you think it would help the post. The good thing about blogs is the freedom it gives a person to individualize them as much as the person wants.

Anonymous said...

Bilo is a Tech Master blogger. I think he is a great example of a Blog that is a step above the crowd in his use of a variety of media and sources for information. You wouldn't think so just looking at the little kid in shorts, would you?
Edo River rising.

Faisal said...

Edo River San,

Your remarks are very kind. Thank you. - Faisal

Bilo said...

At times people grow out of their shorts! :-)