Monday, September 18, 2006

Day 1

I gave in finally and I'm starting my own blog.

Not that I don't like writing, but I've been resisting the "in" thing, and I'm more used to leaving short comments on other people's blogs. Some however, don't allow guests or anonymous contributors, and so today, I got my own account with "blogger".

Choosing a clever name wasn't easy either. Smart people everywhere. On my twenty third or whatever attempt, I finally found one that wasn't already taken. Well, that's what you get for being a latecomer.

Not much comes to mind for this, ... tonight.

One of the moderately big stories in the news for the last few days has been the Pope's address (or more accurately, a quote he used in a recent talk), that has angered many in the Muslim world. I don't want to talk about this particular incident as there has been tons written about it already, but it just reminded me how in a world so much in need for conciliation, where people of good will have been sacrificing to bring about justice, equality and brotherhood, by working hard to eliminate barriers such as those of race or gender or economic disparity ... etc., there still remains to be seen, any real and serious efforts by the top religious leaders – of all faiths, all over the world – to put a stop to feelings of superiority and exclusivity that have left the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of this planet (constituting the "Other") condemned to a fate that no one "wishing for others what one wishes for themselves" can accept. Instead, .. refusing to recognize the underlying oneness of purpose, aim and hope, taught by all religions, they continue to nurture man-made differences, and fan the flames. Tsk, tsk, tsk ...

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you said "most" and not all religious leaders.

You know !! There is a lot of effort made to do something about this by many people around the world. You may be interested to read a letter delivered to tens of thousands of religious leaders regarding this -(back in 2002).

You can read it (available in many languages - including Arabic) at this location:

(BTW .. I mention Arabic because of your name and your link to the Arabic Wikipedia).